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On changing lifestyles

First off, thanks for reading this, and for finding the new Tall Town Bike & Camp website. The website will get better, and if you are bringing your bike in to the shop for service, rest assured that I am a much better bicycle mechanic than I am web developer.

The existance of this blog, and indeed of the shop, represent a major lifestyle change. This is March. In September, my wife accepted a position with the Town of Lakeview. By the first of October, I had wrapped up all my prior commitments for the business I ran in Oregon City, a suburb of Portland, Oregon's biggest city. In mid-November, a local business owner offered to rent me space in one of his buildings. On Black Friday, Tall Town Bike & Camp opened for business. Just a little bit of a whirlwind there for a few months.

People often ask why we moved to Lakeview, and how we are handling the move from the biggest metropolitan area in the state to a remote, high desert town 90 miles from the nearest "big city" (Klamath Falls, approximately 22,000 people). We are loving it. When we first stumbled across Lakeview a couple years ago we realized right away this is where we wanted to be. My wife and I are both from small eastern Oregon towns and after 25 plus years in the city were more than ready to return to our roots. Anyone who thinks there is nothing to do in a small town isn't trying hard enough. We love it here, and we are here to stay!

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